Wednesday, October 29, 2008

City of Champions

When they show Charlie Manuel on TV holding up a laptop showing the home page with "Phillies Win," instead of the front page of The Inquirer, then we can say print is dead. For now, we can just all be happy.


lsm said...

I was jealous when the Jayhawks held up the Lawrence Journal-World instead of the Kansan after they won it all.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the Phillies.

The same thing, only different:

Michael j said...

Now David -- he wouldn't have been able to show the good news at all --- unless they put the paper to bed before the game ended. At least everyone could see it on his laptop. Better than waiting until the next day.

I wonder. Are we headed for paper newspapers AND Internet, or JUST Internet or paper??

I wonder whether one day (unforunately, after you and I are retired), media companies will figure out that it needs to be both/and, plus some other media that we havem't seen yet. Of course, already some folks get a lot of news on their cell phones and such. I guess there'll be more.

I regret that it probably won't look a lot like the publications we have worked on. I just hope that our profession will still nurture the de Tocquevilles, the Lieblings, etc. Journxlist, or perhaps people who observe the world, tell us about it, manage to get us to understand and analyze.