Thursday, March 11, 2010

Copy Editing: Dash It All

From today's Wall Street Journal story about a man's desire to establish an eight-track museum:

"He managed the ukelele playing vibrato singer Tiny Tim and produced his final album."

I bet that ukelele was hard to manage when it was playing Tim. As Miss Vicky found out, Tim was hard to play with.

I'm not very good at hyphens and compound modifiers myself. Want to learn about language? Need a tuneup on copy editing? It's not too late to sign up for the 2010 American Copy Editors Society conference from April 15 to 17 in Philadelphia. Go to this site to sign up.

1 comment:

rknil said...

The non-British spelling of the instrument is "ukulele."

Also, don't waste your time and money at the ACES conference. ACES has been worthless for years. Copy editors have lost jobs and identities, sometimes in the cities where mere weeks before the ACES crowd gathered.

ACES should refund collected dues and disband.