Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hearts and Stores

It's Valentine's Day, and he who devotes himself to posting on it has a significant other who is tired of life. Or some such mangled quote.

For fellow lovers of old department stores, then, a link to a long page on one of America's great department store cities -- Baltimore, where there were three at one single corner, including the possibly hardest-to-pronounce store name, Hochschild, Kohn & Co. (That would be Hoshelkone's to you from outside Bawlmer.)

Note especially the Hutzler Bros. Co. art-deco addition; not quite on the level of the best art-deco department store, the J.W. Knapp Co. in Lansing, but pretty good.

I will get back to how newspapers and department stores are two sides of the same coin. But not today. A Valentine's salute with love to shopping at Lexington and Howard Streets.

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