Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Second Thing, Let's...

I don't know if this supports or rebuts Alan Mutter's posting of yesterday, but one has to pass it along:

One of the local papers in the area I live in recently laid off its editorial page editor. I don't know who's now doing the editorial page.

Today's editorial is headlined: "Kosovo goes out on its own: With assistance from NATO, struggling African nation declares independence."

(You know, all struggling nations are African. Mr. Mbeki, have you seen your next-door neighbor, Mr. Milosevic?)

I think this is what happens when you treat a print newspaper like a Web site and just post stuff without having it edited; on the other hand, someone with a title or job description that included the word "editor" did this. So I think we're back to the question of number of reads. Unless Jayson Blair wrote it, in which case no level of editing could have caught it.

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